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Well Scored

Five Lane Super Highway receives a 'well scored' review from Stewart Lee of the Sunday Times.

"Spooky Hi Fi's mainstay Mick Crossley first surfaced with Flyte Reaction, part of a 1980s psychedelic renaissance spearheaded by the fanzines Bucketfull of Brains and the Ptolemaic Terrascope. Fans of Robyn Hitchcock and the Soft Boys, Spacemen 3, the Bevis frond and XTC's Dukes of Stratosphere incarnation will feel at home in this uniquely English, vaguely lysergic landscape.

Spooky Hi Fi's second album has all the genre staples in place, with a wheezy organ, shimmering guitar lines and clipped, precise enunciation, and it was recorded, appropriately, in a garden shed in Cambridge. Admittedly Crossley lacks the distinct stamp of individuality that the aforementioned bona fide English eccentrics bring to bear but the title track closes the album in a futuristic gospel-hued, blues style that borders on brilliance."