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Cambridge web and graphic design

The Ptolemaic Terrascope

A fanzine to some, a magazine to others, a way of life to a few of us and now a page or two on the World Wide Web.
Covering music old and new of a vaguely "psychedelic" nature via interviews and reviews, but have been known to stray into folk, pop, rock and any other territory that takes their fancy.

Repeat Fanzine

R*E*P*E*A*T is an interactive fanzine. It is what it is (a mess) because people contribute their many and varied thoughts, ideas, columns, rants, raves, bile and hate. So please, send us what you got in terms of writing, photographs, pictures, sweets, chips and buns.

Psychotropic Zone

Psychotropic Zone is a psychedelic rock club in Helsinki (only one of its kind in Finland!). You can find reviews, interviews and other stuff of psychedelic nature at these pages.


Our aim is to provide the already thriving music scene of Cambridge with an online place where bands can chat, meet and organise themselves.

Soft Hearted Scientists

We will create music with a sense of wonder: like the sound of stars flying off the end of a wand or, if it were possible, the sound of plucking a spider's web encrusted with dew drops. Nothing less will do.